In response to a comprehensive Community Needs Assessment the Bangor Region YMCA recently opened its new teen center! The Bangor Region YMCA Teen Center provides a safe space and research-backed programming for youth ages 12-18 from 18 schools in the Greater Bangor Region to support youth, increase aspirations, and combat the growing epidemics of teen suicide and substance use disorder in our region.

The program is completely free and low-barrier for our most vulnerable youth, and it offers a drop-in space during non-school hours and weekends as well as leadership programs, mental health support programs, college and career readiness programs, mentorship, and more.

One of the leadership programs based out of the teen center recently had an overnight retreat, and this message was sent by a parent: “I am really appreciative of all that this group is doing for Jacob and so glad he has finally gotten involved! He is really at a crossroads in life, feeling a little lost. I believe this is a lifeline for him. I’m not sure how often you hear from parents about the impact your program has, so just wanted to let you know (also because he isn’t going to say it!). Thank you so much for all that you do!!”